Outing with friends!

Hey! I'm back. Ehmm, well, my friends and I went to 1 utama two days ago, and we went for a movie.
We watched Red 2.
Hmm, it's an action and funny movie.
You should watch !
So, carry on!. We took Sushi Zanmai as our dinner! *laugh*

So this my bestie , Louisa 

And our friends, Vincent and Jy. 

This is Vincent's choice

Louisa's choice 

Jy's choice

My choice 

and it's still mine 

Well, that's for today, end up with my photo :b


Hi. I'm back!

 Hi, I'm back again.
Hmm, for quite some time i didn't blog because i'm busy.
So, yeah, finally i am a college student. *laugh*
Well, everyone thought college is fun, but depends what course you're taking. 

Anyway, i'm taking business admin. So that course is so not fun course. *laugh*
Quite stress for few days when exam is coming.
But now, i'm having sem break for a month YAY *evil laugh*
But I think mass com students are having fun. Really really wanna to change my course lol.
But my dad don't let me to change it unfortunately. 

Well, recently, i bought a new camera. My new toy! *laugh*
That is, DV150F.
You can self shot and the price is quite reasonable. 
So, super like it!

It have wi-fi function, and 16.1 megapixels. And the price is just RM480. *evil laugh*

So recently, i bring my camera along whenever i go a place. 

( Sorry for the pig face)

-Taken Yesterday-

Well, still having plenty pictures with me. But i'm lazy to upload!
But I'll try to upload more pictures since I got my new camera :D

So, this is the end of my story of today. GOOD NIGHT PEEPS ;)


Short post !

hey guys! I'm back again. hehe
Well, today is Saturday and i'm not going anywhere because my mum went to Singapore. lol

I done my chores today and yeah, drama day as well.
I'm a drama freak actually! *evil laugh* 

That's for today, bye !

 Miaoow. Lol hahaha!


Happy holiday guys!

Anyeong! Ohayo!
Happy holiday guys.
I realize that i didn't blog for a long time.
So i'm going to blog today !

Is about one month ago...
My school having ceramah at Taylor's college and UPPM.
 So early in the morning, 

 Around 8.35 am we started our journey!
But then traffic jam. Awwww.
I saw the Myvi full of doll . See ;)

We reached over there and start our math and pedagangan for 3 hours.
After that, we went for lunch and we bought chatime.

 My choice !
Pearl milk bubble tea as always :)

 We're waiting for our bus. So we took many many pictures.

 Meanwhile, the bus have arrived and we continue our next journey to UPPM !
But too bad, when we went there is too late and we just can visited the cow . 

After this, we went back to school and wait for my brother to fetch us ;3

 That's all for today ! Byeeee ;3